Technology with purpose

HR magazine's 2022 technology supplement looks at how HR can futureproof employees’ mental wellbeing, boost organisational sustainability and improve diversity 

The pandemic has accelerated organisations’ use of technology beyond what was expected just a few years ago. Not only do more people have the option of remote or hybrid working, but coronavirus was also a catalyst for overhauling organisations’ overall technology strategies. Businesses raced to put the right tech in place needed to support their staff and new operating models. 

So where are we now? Businesses have been flung into a tempestuous market where the fight for talent, raging long before the pandemic, has intensified. Purpose has been pulled centre-stage and the workforce is looking to their organisations to set the standard for fair and decent work for all. 

It’s a challenging time to be in HR, but arguably the profession’s potential to shape the future of the workplace has never been more potent.  

This supplement looks at the ways HR can futureproof their organisations by linking technology and purpose. 

Split into three parts, it will consider: 

  • How to strike a mentally healthy tech balance  
  • Ways to build eco-friendliness into remote work
  • Being more inclusive with your HR tech 

View Technology with purpose here.