About us

HR  magazine is the leading title for senior HR professionals and business leaders who want insight into and examples of high-performing, people-focussed organisations. We publish daily news and opinion pieces, the latest research, new thinking, best practice and strategic information. HR  magazine has been serving the UK HR sector audience since 1991.

Article contributions

HR  magazine does not take unsolicited articles. The editorial team commissions all opinion pieces and features. Please pitch ideas directly to the editor, Charissa King, by email, ensuring that your email has “Comment pitch” in the subject line. 

Word count for submissions is typically 600 words. All copy must remain exclusive to HR  magazine and free from promotional content. If you would like to reproduce any of the copy we publish, whether for personal or professional purposes, please contact our sales team.  

Please note: due to the volume of opinion pitches received by the team we cannot respond to all requests. If the article is of interest, the team will be in touch. If it is time-sensitive, please make sure that is clearly outlined in your pitch. 

Copy approval 

The editorial team at HR  magazine reserves the right to final copy approval. If a journalist is unsure of factual information, we will check with the interviewee but we will not submit the full copy. 

In the case of commissioned opinion pieces, HR  magazine has the right to edit for style, appropriateness and fit. Anyone who submits copy for HR  magazine does so under the agreement that our editorial team is under no obligation to show the contributor copy in advance of going to press. 

Forward features 

You can request a copy of the most up-to-date forward features list from anyone in HR  magazine's editorial team. (see 'Contact us')

For advertising enquiries relating to the magazine, visit our advertising page.