The HR Most Influential Podcast

The HR Most Influential podcast speaks to some of the practitioners, academics and consultants making up HR magazine's annual HR Most Influential list, which celebrates instrumental figures in the people profession.

We’ll be asking them to pull back the curtain on their working lives and explore the major issues facing the world of work.



HR Focus

HR Focus dives into practical issues surrounding HR leaders.

Interviewing expert guests, and bringing them questions from our own audience, HR Focus exists to put the spotlight on best practice.



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HR Most Influential Podcast 3.5: How to work with your CEO

Kerry Smith, chief people officer for the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and five-time HR Most Influential practitioner joins the podcast to explore the vital relationship between a CPO and their CEO.

HR Most Influential Podcast 3.4: 'Don't Let DEI Die' with Woosh Raza

People, culture and inclusion director for the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) joins the podcast to discuss how HR can protect the important mission of diversity, equity and...

HR Most Influential Podcast 3.3: Siding Against Stress with Rachel Lewis

Renowned occupational psychologist and professor Rachel Lewis joins the podcast to examine how HR leaders can take the initiative against stress.

HR Focus (3): How to introduce AI to talent management

In episode 3 of the HR Focus podcast, we examine the practical reality of introducing AI to talent management.

HR Most Influential Podcast 3.2: When Change Meets Resistance with Pam Parkes

The HR Most Influential Podcast's second episode of series three has gone live, with Pam Parkes of Essex County council discussing how HR leaders can overcome resistance to change.

HR Focus 2: The Talent Mismatch

In episode 2 of the HR Focus podcast, we look at the mismatch between the skills organisations need - and those they actually have.

Series 3 Launch: Hyper-personalisation with Bertie Tonks

Series three of the HR Most Influential podcast has launched, with 2023's #1 practitioner Bertie Tonks in the hot seat.

HR Focus Podcast Launch: SME Talent

In the debut episode of HR Focus, we take a look at the difficulties facing SMEs in finding, developing, and retaining talent.

HR Most Influential Podcast: Jabbar Sardar on understanding employee experience

The HR Most Influential Podcast has gone live with an interview with Jabbar Sardar director of HR at BBC Studios and 2022's fifth-ranking Most Influential HR practitioner.

HR Most Influential Podcast: Putting the ‘S’ in ESG with Neil Morrison

The HR Most Influential Podcast has gone live with an interview with Neil Morrison, director of HR at Severn Trent and two-time HR Most Influential Practitioner.

HR Most Influential Podcast: Solving the hybrid working conundrum with Gemma Dale

The HR Most Influential Podcast has gone live with the fifth episode of its second series, featuring Gemma Dale as its starring guest.

AI: The Human Impact with Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

The HR Most Influential Podcast has returned with leading organisational psychologist Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic as the starring guest covering AI, automation and ChatGPT.

HR Most Influential Podcast: Breaking the Mould with John Amaechi

Episode three of the second series of the HR Most Influential Podcast has been released, with John Amaechi as the starring guest.

HR Most Influential Podcast: Employee Activism with Megan Reitz

Episode Two of the latest HRMI Podcast series has been released, with Megan Reitz as the starring guest.

HR Most Influential podcast: season two launches

Season two of the HR Most Influential podcast has launched with psychologist, consultant and HR Most Influential Thinker Hayley Lewis.