How to avoid wellbeing washing in HR

With wellbeing, it’s all easy to fall into fads. Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month and linking employees up with the latest meditation app are good ideas, but without a strategy bringing them...

Skills for the future: How tech can help solve the skills conundrum 

Aside from computer-generated poetry and a ‘code red’ on AI development at Google, the release of ChatGPT opened fresh dialogue about the threat that ‘robots’ will take all our jobs.


HR Most Influential 2022 reader's guide: thriving in uncertainty

The annual HR Most Influential list celebrates the outstanding contributions HR practitioners and thinkers make to ongoing growth and success of the people profession.


HR Most Influential reader's guide

HR Most Influential is an annual list that celebrates the most influential players in the field of people strategy. These are the people whose ideas and actions are shaping practices in HR in the UK.


Technology with purpose

HR magazine's 2022 technology supplement looks at how HR can futureproof employees’ mental wellbeing, boost organisational sustainability and improve diversity 

Working with Cancer: a guidebook for HR

A cancer diagnosis, either personally or of a loved one, is likely to affect every single one of us at some point in our lifetimes, yet the subject remains a taboo in the workplace.


HR: Human Resilience ebook

No one could have prepared for 2020 and the many trials and tribulations HR has had to deal with.

Technology supplement 2020

It can be hard for HR to trust new workplace technologies, yet as HR weathers one of its most challenging years on record we look at how technology can offer a helping hand. From robot assistants...

Technology supplement 2019

As consumers, we are bombarded with new products, services and experiences sold to us at every turn. The business – and HR – world is no different. You’re told to buy this software to keep employees...


Employee mental health: Turning words into action ebook

Mental health has now rocketed up the HR and wider business agenda. But still there are quite a few organisations approaching this in a slightly tokenistic way, or stuck at the awareness-raising...

What's on the cards for hiring? ebook

Then there is the rapid speed of technological change. This ebook aims to unpack some of the key issues facing the future of recruitment, including the ever-growing role of data, how to recruit gig...