Employees underestimating the importance of a pension

Pensions  by Emma Greedy

Make kindness your kind of success

​As a society, we like to use the end of December as a marker for how life is going. In the bleary days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve where Terry’s Chocolate Orange is classed as one of your five-a-day and you forget what coffee tastes like without Baileys, it’s natural to scroll through memories and personal highlights of the past 12 months as if it was one big Instagram reel.

We owe it to young people to get the Kickstart Scheme right

With a £2bn injection to fund up to 300,000 placements, the government’s Kickstart Scheme is a pie that many want a slice of. It seems like the perfect marriage. A young person who needs an opportunity – a leg up on to that first rung of the career ladder. And an employer who, after an unprecedented year, needs support but can’t afford to take new people on at the moment.