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How to avoid wellbeing washing in HR

With wellbeing, it’s all easy to fall into fads. Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month and linking employees up with the latest meditation app are good ideas, but without a strategy bringing them together, efforts can fall flat.

Wellbeing washing, where employers’ words aren’t backed up by their actions, has therefore become a growing trend in the workplace.

A 2022 study from the McKinsey Health Institute found employers rated mental health and wellbeing at work more favourably than employees, by 22% on average. It also found that many organisations’ focus was on treating the symptoms of poor mental health and wellbeing rather than tackling the cause.

As custodians of the employee experience, HR teams have a critical role to play in ensuring an organisation’s ideas on wellbeing match the reality.

To help people professionals navigating wellbeing strategies HR magazine, in partnership with Westfield Health, have put together an ebook exploring:

  • What wellbeing washing looks like
  • How to show ROI from wellbeing investments
  • Best practice examples of health and wellbeing strategy

Access it here: How to avoid wellbeing washing in HR