UK workers believe AI offers better career support than people

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of UK workers said AI or 'robots' give them better support for their careers than people do, as they feel unheard by their employers.

Almost two-thirds (65%) said they would take the recommendations of robots when making changes to their career, and 77% said they would rely on tech to help them identify the skills they need to develop.

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Speaking to HR magazine Sarah Henry, VP HR solutions EMEA at Oracle, said employers must take note of how much employees want technology to help define their future.

“Investing in tech is fast becoming a key factor in making employees feel empowered, both in their personal and professional lives, helping to nurture existing skills but also guide career development,” Henry said.

“To attract and retain talent in the future, it’s crucial HR works closely with the wider business, prioritising skills development and unlocking the potential of AI to help achieve this.” 

A majority (78%) of UK based respondents to the survey said that their company should be doing more to listen to their needs.

This reflects similar findings earlier in the pandemic which showed employees would be more likely to trust robots with their mental health problems than they would their managers.

In careers, the areas where people think technology has the upper hand, are in quickly answering questions (27%) and finding new jobs that fit their current skills (28%).

Despite the majority backing for technology’s benefits in career support, under a third (30%) of UK workers said AI can make unbiased recommendations.

Respondents thought humans are generally better at identifying others’ strengths and weaknesses (48%) and looking beyond a CV to recommend roles that match someone’s personality (43%).

These UK findings are from a global survey conducted by Savanta on behalf of Oracle and Workplace Intelligence.

The overall survey was conducted between July 27 – August 17, 2021, and collates the views of 14,639 C-suite executives, HR leaders, managers and full-time employees in the US, UK, the UAE, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Australia.


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