UK workers believe AI offers better career support than people

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of UK workers said AI or 'robots' give them better support for their careers than people do, as they feel unheard by their employers.

Is the UK ready for AI in coaching and mentoring?

Over the past 12 months there has been a plethora of announcements relating to new technology platforms providing coaching and mentoring services in one form or another. Perhaps the highest profile of...

Candidates seek automation-proof roles

As ONS figures reveal that automation could jeopardise 1.5 million jobs, separate research suggests workers are concerned about this

AI will create more jobs than it displaces, says WEF

Fears over artificial intelligence (AI) replacing jobs may be unfounded but employers must provide more training in new tech, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF)

Workers fear losing their jobs to AI

Experts call on employers to support workers with changes to the world of work as research reveals employee perceptions of automation and job losses

Workers more concerned about surveillance than robots

Surveillance is the new technology that most concerns workers, according to the first report from the RSA’s Future Work Centre.