Increased automation drives employee mental health concerns

Employees feel anxious about various factors of automation, including pressures to be 'always on' and changes to their roles

Employees put off family life for fear of falling behind on workplace tech

Workers are concerned that they will return to work after long absences and technology will have completely changed

Jason Bradbury: Tech can make us more empathetic

?Speaking at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition, Jason Bradbury outlined technology's power to boost empathy and advised HR not to worry about automation

Third of young women think a STEM career would be boring

A significant proportion of young women are reluctant to enter STEM careers because of gender barriers, meaning UK employers are missing out on vital talent

Technology is “dehumanising” the retail sector

Researchers from the Institute for the Future of Work called for a new model of working amid concerns that managers are being replaced by technology

Automation more likely to affect female workers

?The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has called on the government to ensure the benefits of technology are evenly shared

Workers in declining sectors holding out for redundancy pay

?A third (34%) of UK workers at the sharp end of changing labour demands are waiting for redundancy before switching careers, according to Learning People

Discrimination and mental health issues rife in tech

High levels of discrimination based on gender, ethnicity and neurodiversity persist in the technology sector, according to research

Leaders unprepared to drive digital skills transformation

Employees believe it is up to leaders to drive digital change, but gaps in skillsets are impacting whether organisations are able to transform

Daniel Susskind: The AI fallacy

We’re asking the wrong questions about AI, according to University of Oxford economist and author Daniel Susskind

HR roles fall down Glassdoor 'Best Jobs' rankings

HR business partner and HR manager roles have slipped down Glassdoor's ranking of the 'Best Jobs in the UK 2019'

Third of workers feel unqualified for their roles

Employees don't feel qualified in their current roles, with the fear of being ‘found out’ impacting their wellbeing