HR risks tech overload following pandemic software surge

An increase in the number of digital tools used by businesses for people-related tasks is causing discord among employees and putting HR at risk of overload.

Siemens targets engineering gender bias

Siemens is aiming for gender parity with a new recruitment programme aimed at boosting the number of women in engineering.

HR needs good tech to make hybrid work

If HR teams want to meet employee demand for hybrid working options they must invest in collaborative technology, according to Margaret Sweeney, chief HR officer at LRN.

Creativity or development? Hybrid work plans depend on aims

Speaking at the opening keynote on day 2 of the CIPD’s Festival of Work Carl Benedikt Frey, director of the Future of Work programme at Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford, argued that place is...

Women struggle to sell themselves in creative industries

The creative sector must better support young female talent who come up against personal and professional barriers

Stefan Hyttfors: Our future depends on trust

At the penultimate talk of the Unleash World Conference and Expo, Stefan Hyttfors outlined how we lost our trust in society and how technology can help us regain it

The future of L&D? Think Netflix

Santander has started looking to external inspiration to shape its L&D strategies

Businesses pledge to boost women in tech

?PwC has joined forces with 18 organisations to tackle a lack of women in UK technology roles

Embrace tech to save time and focus on strategic HR, experts urge

At the SD Worx European Conference a panel discussed technology to automate admin tasks, human leadership and improving collaboration