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Best of HR books: May 2022

We delve into the new releases to find out what HR has been reading this month.

Leader as Healer

Author: Nicholas Janni

Publisher: LID Publishing

Price: £12.99

We cannot continue with the cold, hyper-rational leadership of the pre-Covid world, argues Janni. The time is ripe, instead, he says to embrace empathy and mindfulness alongside the already celebrated powers of logic and reason.

Branded an ‘antidote to outdated management thinking,’ the book promises to provide new perspective on what it means to lead in the 21st century.


Digital Talent

Authors: Matt Alder and Mervyn Dinnen

Publisher: Kogan Page

Price: £19.99

This in-depth analysis of the digital talent landscape seeks to offer a practical guide to an area too often dominated by hype. It presents a wide range of data, case studies and the authors’ own insights, showing how employers can transform talent strategy to meet today’s demands.


The Nowhere Office

Author: Julia Hobsbawm

Publisher: Basic Books

Price: £18.99

Long before the pandemic made remote working the norm, the workforce was facing endemic stress and stagnant productivity. Hobsbawm makes a convincing case that now is the perfect moment to address these problems, with this manifesto for a workplace oriented around community and purpose.


Appreciate it!

Author: Debra Corey

Publisher: UK Book Publishing

Price: £16.99

With 65% of UK employees feeling unappreciated at work, the time is right for change. Appreciate It! is a call for change, focusing on culture and employee experience. Corey argues every employee should feel appreciated, and that recognition is an ongoing process – not just an annual event.


Inclusion on Purpose

Author: Ruchika Tulshyan

Publisher: MIT Press

Price: £25

Why are we still failing on inclusion? Tulshyan explains that inclusion is the product of a continuous learning cycle. Inclusion on Purpose presents best practices, showing how employers can identify and expose structural biases, and instil a feeling of psychological safety.


Remote Workplace Culture

Authors: Sean O’Mara and Cary Cooper

Publisher: Kogan Page

Price: £19.99

Remote Workplace Culture tackles how to motivate your workforce, support talent development, foster an inclusive environment and protect employees’ mental health from a distance, without an over-reliance on technology.


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