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Best of HR books: August 2022

We delve into the new releases to find out what HR has been reading this month.

Take Back Your Power

Author: Deborah Liu
Publisher: Zondervan
Price: £12.99

Based on Liu’s own experiences in Silicon Valley working for the likes of eBay, PayPal and Facebook, Take Back Your Power offers suggestions for women navigating a male-dominated industry. The book promises to help women find their voice, debunk negative connotations of power and overcome the lie that success is only achieved alone.


Speaking Up in a Culture of Silence

Author: David Naylor
Publisher: Productivity Press
Price: £24.99

Naylor provides advice and guidance on how to speak up and question the status quo in work cultures. A series of case studies and employee experiences explore how people can call out bad behaviour at work.


The Robot-Proof Recruiter

Author: Katrina Collier
Publisher: Kogan Page
Price: £24.99

The Robot-Proof Recruiter puts an emphasis on a human approach to recruiting, with a view to giving readers the best possible chance of getting candidates through the door. The book offers guidance on facets of recruitment, ranging from using technology to supporting the candidate journey to recruiting without an online presence.


Own Your Armor

Author: Michelle Brody
Publisher: Light Channel Press
Price: £17.89

Executive coach and clinical psychologist Michelle Brody shines a new light on workplace conflict, examining ways to improve and repair workplace dynamics. Principles usually applied to couples therapy are applied to the workplace to help minimise office conflict.


Critical Perspectives on Diversity in Organizations

Author: Thomas Calvard
Publisher: Routledge
Price: £44.99

Thomas Calvard is a senior lecturer in HR management at the University of Edinburgh Business School. In this book, he collates decades of work on workplace diversity into one place, with a view to building on it and greater understanding the differences that exist between people at work.


Making the Cut

Author: David Pedulla
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Price: £20

A sociology professor at Harvard University, Pedulla explores how HR managers, recruiters and talent acquisition specialists approach candidates who have unorthodox or non-traditional employment histories.

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