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Best of HR books: October 2022

We delve into the new releases to find out what HR has been reading this month.


Author: Anders Indset

Publisher: Unbound

Price: £16.99

The business world has learned plenty from the application of subjects like psychology and sociology – Anders Indset argues it is now time for business to learn from philosophy. Featuring 27 business thinkers, Indset curates a collection of articles, interviews and essays on how leaders can integrate philosophy into business.


The Key to Inclusion

Editor: Stephen Frost

Publisher: Kogan Page

Price: £29.99

In this book, Stephen Frost provides a starter’s guide to inclusion, tailoring approaches for both individual and team levels. The Key to Inclusion also looks to the future, with a series of case studies and interviews with experts from organisations such as the BBC, the NHS, AstraZeneca, and LinkedIn on how to embed inclusion into organisational strategy.


Architecting a Company of Owners

Author: Daren Martin

Publisher: Clovercroft Publishing

Price: £10.99

Daren Martin’s book makes the case that building a culture of ownership within your organisation – where everyone feels themselves fellow owners – will provide high employee satisfaction and engagement, retention and productivity.


Learning Ecosystems

Author: Katja Schipperheijn

Publisher: Kogan Page

Price: £29.99

Learning Ecosystems is a book for those serious about building a culture of learning in their organisation. Learning strategist Katja Schipperheijn is not afraid of substantial topics: problem analyses, algorithmic business thinking and artificial intelligence are all on the cards.


Ethical Machines

Author: Reid Blackman

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press

Price: £22

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become notorious for the numerous ethical issues that can stalk users. Reid Blackman addresses how to take advantage of AI’s benefits without being stung by its ethical risks – and in plain language.


Coaching People through Organisational Change

Authors: Sue Noble, Amy Tarrant

Publisher: Kogan Page

Price: £29.99

Outlining what organisational change is, its different forms and the use of evidence-based coaching techniques, Sue Noble and Amy Tarrant aim to provide a solid guide to leading through change. The book includes more than 20 tools and frameworks to help practitioners move from theory to practice.

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