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Best of HR books: May 2023

We delve into new book releases to find out what HR has been reading.

The Microstress Effect

Authors: Rob Cross, Karen Dillon

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press

Price: £22.00

With every negative interaction having up to five times as much impact on our mental health than a positive one, it’s no surprise that continuous exposure to small stressors can have a big impact on us at work. Cross and Dillon’s book attempts to unravel why employees are more burned out than ever.

The Robot-proof Recruiter

Author: Katrina Collier

Publisher: Kogan Page

Price: £19.99

Now in its second edition, this book offers an antidote to the intoxicating promise of artificial intelligence. Collier promises a methodology of cutting through the digital landscape to connect with the people you really want in your organisation.

Deep Talent

Authors: Ashutosh Garg, Kamal Ahluwalia, Alexandra Levit

Publisher: Kogan Page

Price: £16.99

Deep Talent offers a close-up look at how AI is transforming the talent industry, and how exactly HR leaders can use it to hire, develop and retain the people and skills their organisations need.

The Anxious Achiever

Author: Morra Aarons-Mele

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press

Price: £22.00

Until recently, it was taboo among senior leaders to talk about anxiety. The Anxious Achiever aims to help leaders deal with anxious thoughts, channelling them into a greater sense of empathy and understanding. Providing tools, strategies and practical advice, Aarons-Mele hopes to change readers’ minds, and help them perceive anxiety as a strength.

Staff Matters

Author: Bonnie Low-Kramen

Publisher: Ultimate Workplace Press

Price: £20.99

Staff Matters combines the insights of more than 1,500 conversations with people at every level of business, shining a light on the workplace’s toughest issues. Low-Kramen offers a voice to employees that would otherwise keep quiet in the fragmented post-pandemic world.

Work Here Now

Author: Melissa Swift

Publisher: Wiley

Price: £21.99

Claiming to bypass “hackneyed idealism and management-by-algorithm,” this book aims to help people leaders build a mode of work that benefits employees and companies alike. Containing 50 strategies each at organisational and team levels to target humane growth, Swift’s book offers a practical toolset for improving business performance.

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