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Best of HR books: June 2023

We delve into new book releases to find out what HR has been reading.

Built for People

Author: Jessica Zwaan

Publisher: Kogan Page

Price: £29.99

Jessica Zwaan believes HR has more to learn from product management than just a vague notion of ‘user experience'.

In Built for People, she takes her experience across a range of start-ups to show how to take an agile, iterative and evidence-based approach to HR to improve employee experience and drive business results.

A Practical Guide to TUPE and Employee Transfers

Author: Dominic Holmes

Publisher: Law Brief Publishing

Price: £69.99

To say M&A is complicated is an understatement, and HR professionals can find themselves caught in an area that gives lawyers pause for thought. Hoping to clear the path for UK and European employers, Holmes’ book is a practical guide to how the legal principles apply in practice.

Long-term Leader

Author: Scott Agnew

Publisher: Beverly Hills Publishing

Price: £20.73

“The days of dictatorial leadership are far behind us,” writes Agnew. Finding success with his own style of trust-based, culture-focused leadership, he has produced this guide to building a long-term outlook on leadership, far from the chop-and-change world of many CEOs.

Exploratory Writing

Author: Alison Jones

Publisher: Practical Inspiration Publishing

Price: £14.99

Alison Jones, host of The Extraordinary Business Book Club podcast, believes that writing for the self, rather than always for others, can have a powerful effect in the business world.

Exploratory Writing is intended to help leaders nail down what they want to say, before they say it.

The Long-Distance Team

Authors: Kevin Eikenberry, Wayne Turmel

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Price: £19.99

Trying to shape organisational culture while operating remotely has become a much more pressing in the past few years. In The Long-Distance Team, Eikenberry and Turmel set out to provide cultural leads guidance on how to define, design, and nurture positive cultures for remote or hybrid teams.

Learning Habits

Author: Sarah Nicoll

Publisher: Kogan Page

Price: £29.99

Not relying on generalities or banal exhortations, Nicoll has instead attempted to build a precise guide to the behaviours needed to form real learning habits. Supporting each habit with case studies, the book includes a number of checklists and models to keep readers on track.


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