2023 predictions for UK immigration policy as skills shortages escalate

With approximately 1.2 million current job vacancies open, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), skills shortages are continuing to escalate, particularly in the care, science,...

Managing the upside-down: lessons from Stranger Things

As a leadership coach and practitioner, it is my privilege to work with leaders and leadership teams of all shapes and sizes. Many are looking for ways to achieve greater performance.

Autumn budget 2022 pledges tax freezes and wage boost

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt gave his budget announcement to parliament today (17 November), as he officially announced the UK is in the midst of a recession.

Should HRDs call time on workplace booze culture?

Women in the armed forces have been threatened with disciplinary action and told to stop “sleeping around” after they reported sexual abuse according to a recent investigation by The Times.

Autumn budget priorities: national insurance, public sector pay rises, tax hikes

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will make his first budget announcement on 17 November. Here's what to expect and how it might effect HR.

European antitrust authorities target HR anticompetitive practices

Over the past few years, European antitrust authorities have been targeting anticompetitive practices between undertakings relating to HR. Of particular interest are wage-fixing and non-solicitation –...

The top five rules of finance you need to know

Financial literacy is the passport to future-proofing your career. As an HR professional, you may not be au fait with the language of finance, but it’s important to understand the numbers so that you...

When times are tough it pays to work together

In today’s economy and faced with a cycle of crises, some businesses will die, some will survive, and some will see the opportunities it presents and thrive.

The Energy Price Guarantee: do employers have a duty of care?

This week’s announcement by newly appointed chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, has significantly curtailed some of the support measures promised by the government set to help with skyrocketing energy bills.

Half of UK bosses in favour of home worker monitoring to improve wellbeing

A CIPD survey has revealed 55% of UK bosses agree that it is acceptable to collect information on regular home workers in the interests of wellbeing.

Embracing change vital to successful business mergers

Companies which embrace the changes brought about by mergers and acquisitions (M&A) will be better off than those that try to sell their employees on a 'business as usual' mentality.

Rolling with the recession: how HR can succeed (part two)

The twists and turns of a recession can be unpredictable, yet with the right preparation it’s another chance for HR to show its colours.