Using the COM-B approach to change management

In my experience, HR professionals use a variety of models to support them when undergoing a change management project, from Kotter’s eight-step model, ADKAR to McKinsey 7S model and many others.

Dealing with survivor guilt at work after layoffs

Around the world, many organisations are already making posts redundant, with layoffs in the tech industry grabbing the headlines.  For those without a job, the future may not look bright, but life is...

Celebrity status is always bad for corporate governance

Elon Musk’s tumultuous takeover of Twitter shows why the spotlight is never good for governance. He may now be the poster boy for governance mishaps, but he isn’t the only one to have let fame get in...

Government cracks down on illegal working

An almost 10% rise in government visits to identify illegal working should remind employers to tighten recruitment processes and understand risks in this area say legal experts.


Why you’ll hear ‘mutuality’ a lot this year

Everyone loves a game of boardroom bingo and we all know a middle manager who spouts corporate cliches to cover up the fact that they have no ideas of their own.

Davos 2023 roundup: HR took central role at the World Economic Forum

The central role HR had at Davos 2023 shows the function is under increased pressure to help solve global social, political and climate issues, say HR experts.


Employees' second jobs putting employers at risk

Employers are worried they are being exposed to risks through employees’ second jobs, according to research.

Is The Apprentice setting a precedent for negative business leadership?

The Apprentice has returned to BBC One with 18 new candidates thrown into the limelight first flying to Antigua to sell excursions to tourists and then turning their hands to bao buns.

Identify the root of people issues, don’t treat the symptoms

As HR business partners, we are relied upon to solve all manner of HR and people-related issues. Many of us have gained a reputation as the go-to people fixer within our organisations. At times, it...

How to get shadow payroll right 

The global mobility landscape has changed dramatically over the last four years. Following a period where technology-enabled remote working became the norm, everything looks very different for global...

Legal teams expect a rise in HR issues in 2023

Legal departments expect employment disputes and HR compliance matters to take up more of their time in 2023 than they did the year before.

CSR vs ESG – a battle between FDs and HR?

Corporate social responsibility has long been the realm of HR but now environmental social governance has risen in priority could sustainability become a tug-of-war with finance? Peter Crush explores