Best of HR books: January 2024

From women over 50 to hierarchies at work, we delve into new book releases to find out what HR has been reading.

Revolting Women

Author: Lucy Ryan
Publisher: Practical Inspiration Publishing
Price: £19.99

One group is being consistently ignored in most companies’ diversity strategies: women over 50.

Neither male, young nor linear in their career paths, they face real difficulty in getting the recognition they deserve.

Lucy Ryan draws on research to challenge assumptions about declining midlife motivation and reveals how to retain and develop this invaluable talent pool.


Employee Experience Strategy

Author: Ben Whitter
Publisher: Kogan Page
Price: £29.99

Any contemporary HR practitioner would agree that designing and implementing an exceptional employee experience strategy is crucial.

In the simply titled Employee Experience Strategy, Whitter aims to draw up a definitive guide to building and sustaining a winning strategy, featuring case studies from global brands like L’Oréal and Unilever.


The Human Behind the Coach

Authors: Lucia Baldelli and Claire Pedrick
Publisher: Practical Inspiration Publishing
Price: £19.99

Few people are born with the qualities required of a top-level coach.

Humility, vulnerability, courage, experience all add up. Baldelli and Pedrick, two master coaches with thousands of hours’ experience, set out to help readers develop the human qualities that will truly transform their coaching abilities.


Board Talk

Authors: Kathryn Bishop and Gillian Camm
Publisher: Practical Inspiration Publishing
Price: £22.38

Framed through the cross-examination of 18 crucial conversations with the C-suite, Board Talk is a practical guide to overcoming information barriers, communication breakdowns, unknown risks and general headaches that can spring from high-level business.

Each bringing their formidable board experience to bear, Bishop and Camm present each case with board research and examples from their own time at the table.


Working as Equals

Authors: Julian David Jonker and Grant J Rozeboom
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Price: £22.99

Are hierarchies at work consistent with the idea that colleagues – no matter the rank – are moral equals?

One for the philosophically minded, Working as Equals is a collection of essays by leading moral and political thinkers exploring justice in the workplace. At a time of widening inequality, it is a vitally important area to consider.

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