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Listen now: How can HR encourage lifelong learning?

Want to learn more about influence? How you can become a force for positive change in the people space? The HR Most Influential podcast might be just the ticket.

In this limited series, HR magazine editor Jo Gallacher speaks to some of HR’s most influential thinkers and practitioners about what’s next for the profession: from leadership and wellbeing, to technology and skills.

In the first episode, available now on Spotify, Amazon Music, wherever you get your podcasts, David Frost, 24th on the practitioner list in 2021 and people and organisational development director at fruit and vegetable company Dole, talks about lifelong learning.

“Lifelong learning links to that growth mind-set,” he says, which means: “Irrespective of where you have been and the experiences you may have had in the past, always being aware of what’s coming.”

Is HR too focused on the here and now?

“The way to think about it is, where’s the natural tendency in HR?” he says.

“When we’re able to think more long term, do we naturally do that? Or are we a little more close-range in our thinking?”

Listen now for more on lifelong learning, and to hear Frost’s top tips for a fruitful career in HR.



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