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Listen now: How can companies communicate with purpose?

How can businesses communicate to their employees with purpose? How do those employees become empowered to spread a company's message? The HR Most Influential podcast strives to answer questions of purpose on its latest episode.

In this limited series, HR magazine editor Jo Gallacher speaks to some of HR’s most influential thinkers and practitioners about what’s next for the profession: from leadership and wellbeing, to technology and skills.

In the second installment, Eugenio Perri, chief culture and operations executive at hotelier The Dorchester Collection - and number one on the HR Most Influential list for 2021 - discusses best communication practices in business.

"If you're not communicating on a regular and consistent basis, you're actually doing harm to your business," he said, before detailing how The Dorchester Collection puts this into practice.

"We actually have a type of contract with our employees that says that we will communicate with them on a regular and consistent basis.

"They will hear from us one way or another, if not daily, and at worst case scenario every single week, whether it's through a one to one, in a meeting - whatever the case may be, so that we can continually share information."

How is this reciprocated?

Pirri added: "I like to think we have good open communication with our employees. They're certainly not shy.

"It makes you want to improve the working environment so that you can make it a better place. That pays dividends with loyalty and people want to stay longer. Our mission is cherished by guests cherished by employees and celebrated worldwide."

Listen to the full conversation with Pirri below - you can find all episodes of the HR Most Influential podcast here.

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