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Future leader: Ish Anghotra, Rosewood London

HR magazine speaks to the future leaders of the industry to discover what makes them tick.

My first job in HR was in a five-star hotel and I immediately knew that working in hospitality in HR was going to be my career. The combination of supporting the operation as well as the employees seemed the perfect match for me. I completed my Level 3 CIPD qualification before moving over to Rosewood London for its opening.

What the leaders of tomorrow think:

Lauren Turner, senior HR advisor, British Library

Sarah Cousins, organisational change manager, British Heart Foundation

Toby Lott, regional people manager, PKF-Francis Clark

While we largely have a very culturally diverse workforce in hospitality, at a senior leadership level more targeted and focused action should be at the forefront of all HR leaders’ agendas.

The last 18 months or so has taught hospitality that working flexibly does work, a feat we didn’t think possible. This, coupled with the promotion of a better work/life balance, could support the diversity of senior leadership teams across our industry.


Given the levels of youth unemployment, HR leaders should focus on understanding the needs of this age group to help them into work. A targeted focus on building their capabilities and investment in appropriate training should be a priority over the coming years.

With an emphasis on specialist apprenticeship schemes at Rosewood London, some of the younger generation coming in have managed to find a sense of belonging and purpose, and this needs to continue with particular focus on the early careers pipeline.


I don’t believe we have even scratched the surface when it comes to mental health and wellbeing. There is still so much we could do to be proactive and to promote openness so employees really feel comfortable talking about it. I hope for a future of less stigma around mental health in the workplace.


The employee experience is at the heart and soul of what I do. Nonetheless, there is still the perception of HR being transactional and administrative. I want to continue to challenge this mindset and demonstrate that HR are key business partners. We can do this by continuing the trend of digital transformation and using analytics to drive strategy and employee experience.


Ish Anghotra is assistant director of talent and culture at the Rosewood London. 


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