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Future leader: AnnaDoris Aufiero, HR manager, Hilton London Bankside

HR magazine speaks to the future leaders of the industry to discover what makes them tick

After graduating with a degree in psychology, I decided to do an MSc in human resource management organisational analysis at King’s College along with my CIPD. While I was looking for a role I started working as a door-to-door salesperson.

After a few interviews, I was finally offered the position of HR assistant at the Royal Garden Hotel. I had an amazing opportunity to work under a great HR leader Stella Amor. After my first week working there, I knew immediately I was in the right place doing something that I love and feel passionate about.   

What the leaders of tomorrow think:

Lauren Turner, senior HR advisor, British Library

Sarah Cousins, organisational change manager, British Heart Foundation

Toby Lott, regional people manager, PKF-Francis Clark

Fighting for talent in a competitive job market is one of the main concerns for HR today. The fight for talent in hospitality especially is like never before. We now need to work smarter by streamlining processes and having a multi-skilled workforce.

At the same time, we have to be cautious not to overwork our current workforce and ensure that they remain engaged and motivated, making our environment safe, supportive and sustainable. It’s about rebuilding the trust between the employee and employer and in the industry as a whole.

As an ever-changing conversation diversity and inclusion will always be on the agenda. Together, we have already come so far. HR has a unique opportunity to drive cultural change by challenging the way we do things.

Prioritising mental health and wellness will be another subject that will evolve in continuation and hence require a continuous review. Spearheading and managing change will always be embedded in an HR role no matter where in the future we are. 

I am very fortunate in my career so far to have had such wonderful leaders guiding me through my journey. Just before the pandemic, I had the opportunity to meet Jon Dawson at an HR in Hospitality event and I asked him if he could mentor me.

Similarly, I hope that I will be able to contribute to the development of the next generation of HR leaders through networking and mentorship, or being HR for HR. It’s essential that this next generation is coached and mentored to ensure the world of work will always improve.


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