Best of HR Books: October 2023

We delve into new book releases to find out what HR has been reading.

Move Fast and Fix Things

Authors: Frances Frei and Anne Morriss

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press

Price: £24

Playing on Facebook’s famous maxim ‘move fast and break things’, Frei and Morriss challenge the heedless attitude that we can either make progress or take care of people, but not both.

In Move Fast and Fix Things, the authors draw on their experience advising leaders to build a picture of the corporate world where the best leaders solve problems without compromising the position of their business or employees.


The Pomegranate Principle

Author: Rory E Verrett

Publisher: Wiley

Price: £23.66

At once an examination of the realities of the 21st-century talent pool, classic D&I blunders and a handbook for recruiting diverse talent, The Pomegranate Principle aims to provide readers a clear-headed guide to diversity.

Rory Verrett, the author and executive search and D&I consultant veteran, brings his 20 years of experience to bear in this guide.


Decision Intelligence

Authors: Thorsten Heilig and Ilhan Scheer

Publisher: Wiley

Price: £24.99

Seeking to demystify the often bewildering processes behind AI decision-making, Heilig and Scheer have produced in Decision Intelligence a business-ready guide to automated modelling and forecasting.

Covering everything from agile transformation, organisational culture and psychological safety, the authors also give an overview of why human expertise remains key to any automated decision making.


People and Data

Authors: Thomas C Redman

Publisher: Kogan Page

Price: £29.99

Companies may gather vast amounts of data, but very few of their employees actually ever gain insight from it.

In People and Data, Redman describes ways to eliminate silos and improve the flow of data within organisations to help upskill the entire workforce while improving business performance.


A Symphony of Choices

Author: Gerald J Leonard

Publisher: Wiley

Price: £21.99

Following the story of a symphony orchestra manager’s tumultuous first season, Leonard explores the power of mentorship on shaping younger or inexperienced leaders under extreme pressure.

A Symphony of Choices also includes hands-on methods for management and learning techniques designed to help readers apply the lessons learned.

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