Building critical skills is HR leaders’ priority for 2021

Building critical skills and competencies will be HR leaders’ number one priority next year, according to a new survey from Gartner.

Graduate job vacancies decrease significantly in 2020

The number of graduate jobs has dropped by 12% in 2020 with the majority of employers anticipating further decline next year, according to the Institute of Student Employers (ISE).

More stability in sight for employment, reports CIPD

Improvements to recruitment activity and a decrease in employers’ redundancy intentions have started to slow the pace of declining job prospects.

Extension of employee furlough scheme – what does it mean for businesses and what’s next?

The extension of the furlough scheme until the end of March 2021 provides businesses with a welcome degree of longer-term certainty regarding government support for employees; but how effectively will...

New immigration system could exclude two thirds of EU workers

The skilled worker visa under the UK’s new immigration system could make future recruitment from the EU much harder than before and mean some sectors will struggle to recruit.

Regions need more control over skills and employment

The government has been urged to give regional economies in the UK greater autonomy over skills and employment in order to create grassroots recovery strategies following the pandemic.

Call for further education for furloughed workers

Furloughed workers who lose their jobs are less likely to have higher-level qualifications than the general population, impacting their search for new job opportunities.

Furlough scheme extension: is it too late to save jobs in a second lockdown?

The UK government’s extension to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) has come as a welcome relief for many employers as the country faces its second national lockdown.

Hiring rise unlikely to offset rising unemployment

Hiring has reportedly returned to pre-pandemic levels, but it is not set to improve at a rate that will offset the nation’s rising unemployment.

Greater understanding of neurodivergent employees needed

Half of employers would not employ a neurodivergent person as they would be ‘uncomfortable’ employing or line managing someone with a neurological difference.

Generation Covid in need of more educational support

The coronavirus pandemic has reportedly had the biggest impact on young people, especially those from a deprived background, as their education and job prospects have been largely affected.

HR is on the brink of a paradigm shift

?This year has presented some incredible challenges, with HR and business leaders worldwide needing to step up to navigate this turbulent time.