The rise in demand for interim workers within legal teams

Ongoing economic turbulence has left companies suspended in long-term cost containment mode. Hiring freezes, redundancies and team restructures are a constant battle for many organisations, triggered...


Move your HR career onwards and upwards

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HR professionals and gigging

Two experienced HR 'giggers' explain how to make interim working work for you

Permanent staff treated better than gig workers

Employers admit to fragmented governance models for managing their contingent workforce

Interim managers in high demand

Interim managers were mainly required for project management roles

It makes business sense to treat freelancers like permanent staff

Talented freelancers are a valuable resource for any company reliant on plugging a skills gap, yet can often feel excluded

Freelance marketplace to grow dramatically

The freelance marketplace is gaining traction

Government clamps down on "rip-off" NHS temps

The government has announced it will set a maximum hourly rate for NHS temporary staff and cap the amount struggling Trusts can spend.

What HRDs can learn from NHS locum panic buying

Temporary staffing issues hit the headlines recently when Sky News reported that the NHS paid more than £3,200 for a locum doctor to work just one 24-hour shift in A&E. There was an air of...

Number of public sector interim managers increases

The use of interim managers in the public sector is at its highest rate since 2009, according to research by the Interim Management Association (IMA).

The resurgence of interim use in the public sector

In austerity Britain budgets and headcounts are strictly controlled. As a result of staff cuts in the public sector, the use of interim managers is soaring.

Half of CEOs subjected to ‘fewer checks than graduates’

Almost half (45%) of HR directors admit they know of companies where potential CEOs go through fewer checks than graduate candidates during recruitment, according to research by HireRight.