HR Focus 2 'The Talent Mismatch' podcast now live

The second episode of HR magazine's HR Focus podcast has gone live.

Episode 2, 'The Talent Mismatch', examines the growing disparity between the skills employers will need, and the skills they actually have.

With just 30% of CEOs confident their organisation is equipped with the skills it needs in the near future, the issue is more important than ever.

HR magazine editor Jo Gallacher sat down with skills experts Dominic Holmes, principal of strategy and value (international) at HR software company Cornerstone, and Suki Kaur, head of talent acquisition at tax firm Avask Group, to find out how companies can meet the challenges ahead.

First taking a look at the UK's position in the global skills market and macro skills trends with Holmes, the conversation moves to practical steps HR leaders can take to secure their organisation's future with Kaur.

HR Focus is the sister podcast to HR magazine's HR Most Influential Podcast, examining practical issues facing people leaders today.

The episode is steaming now across Spotify, Apple Music and Google Podcasts.



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