HR Most Influential Podcast: Putting the ‘S’ in ESG with Neil Morrison

The HR Most Influential Podcast has gone live with an interview with Neil Morrison, director of HR at Severn Trent and two-time HR Most Influential Practitioner.

In episode six of season two, Morrison discusses why, when so many companies accept environmental, social and governance (ESG) as a fact of life, so few commit to the ‘S’.

An experienced HR director across multiple sectors, before he worked at Severn Trent, Morrison was one of the leads in the merger between Penguin and Random House. He is also a passionate proponent of business giving back to society.

In the podcast, HR magazine editor Jo Gallacher sat down with Morrison to discover how companies can build a ‘circular economy’ for the people function by working with their local communities.

The two discussed:

  • Why volunteering isn’t enough
  • How to approach local communities
  • Why we should learn from the circular economy model
  • How to link policy to business goals

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