Best of HR books: April 2024

We delve into the latest book releases to find out what HR has been reading.

Beyond Discomfort

Author: Nadia Nagamootoo

Publisher: Practical Inspiration

Price: £24.99

Conversations around diversity and inclusion (D&I) often stir powerful emotions, which can put leaders off from pursuing needed change. In Beyond Discomfort, Nadia Nagamootoo seeks to get past that all-too-familiar impasse by categorising four distinct leadership belief systems, and how HR leaders can help support each type of leader towards being truly inclusive.



Author: Sharath Jeevan

Publisher: Intrinsic Press

Price: £12.99

As leaders, sometimes the best course of action is simply to make a decision, and follow through. Inflection deals with the crucial moment of how leaders can navigate the crossroads, and ask: ‘What’s the next mountain to climb?’ Sharath Jeevan promises a complete roadmap for readers looking to find that clarity of decision.


Writing for Busy Readers

Authors: Todd Rogers, Jessica Lasky-Fink

Publisher: Scribe Publications

Price: £16.99

The average adult receives over 100 emails and tens of text messages every day: getting someone’s attention is difficult enough; it is near a miracle if they finish reading what you’ve written. In Writing for Busy Readers, Todd Rogers and Jessica Lasky-Fink set out to codify new writing conventions for the 21st century that will get your message heard.


The Happy Index

Author: James Timpson

Publisher: HarperCollins

Price: £20

James Timpson, CEO of family-owned cobbler and key-cutter Timpsons, is renowned for his ‘Upside-down’ management style, where Timpsons hires capable managers and staff – and then lets them get on. Structured into lessons, The Happy Index is a manifesto for the benefits of trusting leadership.


Navigating Sustainability Data

Author: Sherry Madera

Publisher: Kogan Page

Price: £34.99

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics are now a daily part of business life, but are so rapidly changing that it can be a challenge to manage upcoming risks and keep organisations on track with their legislative and moral duties. Navigating Sustainability Data sets out the data you need, how to gather it, and what to do with it.