Poor leadership driving talent away

While employers face a war for talent employees are planning to leave jobs because of uninspiring leadership

Many senior employees feel unfulfilled by jobs

Managers and professional workers feel stuck in roles they don’t enjoy, according to research

Formal bonuses overrated in motivating staff

?Allowing managers to use their discretion when allocating bonuses can help motivate staff, research has found

Longer hours preferable to poor culture for staff

Culture is vital to retention but many organisations are still slow in making improvements, according to research

One in four 'not performing their best'

The number of UK employees who feel they are not performing their best at work is higher than the European average

Lindsay McGregor: Play matters more than purpose at work

Play is an overlooked concept in understanding and measuring motivation, according to author and Vega Factor CEO Lindsay McGregor

Discrimination affects one in four workers

Almost one in four UK employees (23%) say they or a colleague have been discriminated against in the past 12 months, according to research from Learnlight

Report sets out how work quality should be measured

Job security and workplace mental health should be monitored by government, according to the Measuring Job Quality Working Group?

Resignations rise for sixth year in a row

High turnover rates continue to rock the labour market, especially in manufacturing and production

£1 million fund launched to tackle digital skills gap

The government has launched a £1 million Digital Skills Innovation Fund to boost D&I in digital and technology

Employee ownership could boost British business

Employee ownership could help to tackle the current challenges presented by the economy, a report has claimed

Josh Bersin's vision for HR in a changing world of work

Wellbeing, a mindset shift from bosses to coaches, and embracing technology will be key going forward