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Listen now: How to create an outcomes-based culture

Digging deeper into the HR buzzword outcomes-based, this conversation with Philippa Bonay, director of people and business services at the Office for National Statistics (ONS), explores how to and benefits of embedding goals in company culture.

Speaking with Jo Gallacher, editor of HR magazine, Bonay outlines the way goals are created within the civil service, and how they are used to drive dulture.

"We are a very inclusive organisation, but there's more we can do - so let's make that an outcome for everyone in the organisation," says Bonay,

"We make it everybody's responsibility. That's the key with outcomes - it's got to be about everybody."

As a data-driven organisation of course, Bonay says analysis has a key role to play - though HR leaders may be reluctant to get stuck in.

She argues: "We are doing it all the time in HR I just don't think we see it as analysis and then drawing insights. We say we are following a process or policy. And once you've learned something, you tend to forget what goes behind that learning because you're just doing that work naturally."

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