Is your organisation effectively addressing its employee needs?

Improving employee experience begins with understanding an employee’s point of view, but some organisations are currently failing to do that.

Now that the economy is beginning to show signs of recovery from the impact of COVID-19, organisations are beginning to experience a war on talent. In order to gain and retain valued employees, organisations need to better understand their employee needs, skill sets and improve employee engagement.

Workforce Software has conducted a survey of 1,430 employers and 1,300 employees across a range of regions and industries to uncover how organisations are catering for their employee needs.

The results of the survey have been studied in its latest whitepaper, which explores:

  • How to improve the experience gap between employee and employer
  • What employees want from their organisations in 2021 and beyond
  • Organisational weaknesses when it comes to change
  • Expectations of the new generation of workers

Click here to download the whitepaper and take stock of your organisational needs.