Five actions that boost productivity

Increasing productivity improves competitiveness, restores profit and retains staff. But many companies struggle to grasp the opportunity. Here are five actions you can take to make it a reality.

Addictive behaviour in the workplace: how prepared are you?

Addictive behaviour can be hugely damaging to individuals and organisations. So what steps should you be taking to provide the support and help they need?

Why the success or failure of change is all relative

When you are planning for change, how will you know you’ve succeeded? By knowing where you start and finish.

How ‘energy assessments’ can help build a happier, more resilient workforce

With employee stress and burnout on the rise, energy management is moving up the agenda in many HR departments. At JTI UK, we used ‘energy assessments’ to break down barriers and create a more...

Working mothers are being pushed to breaking point: employers need to step up

As this year’s International Women’s Day celebrations conclude, it's time to reflect on the gender equality landscape and the growing pressures that working mothers are facing in today’s workplace.

Six ways to fix the roadblocks to higher employee morale

There’s plenty of talk about the value of employee experience. But just how can you turn the talk into actions that really deliver results?

You’re vinted! Laying down the law on demotion

A senior police officer has made the news headlines after being demoted for selling a pair of police uniform trousers on Vinted. Can you demote an employee as an alternative disciplinary sanction to...

Health and wellbeing: why prevention is the best strategy for success

Poor health can have an impact on a range of issues faced by employees. But there are steps you can take to make things better.

Effective communication can change everything

Good communication is an art and a science. So just how can you get your best get your message out, and ensure that it’s both heard and effective?

Gender pay gap: Why early reporting can have a major impact

It may be a few months away, but businesses that report their gender pay gap results early can gain real advantage when it comes to communicating the results.


Measuring up your family-friendly offering for 2024: Your five-step audit 

In today’s dynamic work environment, family-friendly workplaces are more crucial than ever to the success of an organisation.

Why ergonomics is a smart financial investment for HR leaders 

Over one million desk workers developed back pain whilst working from home during the pandemic. Online complaints of ‘wrist pain’ increased by 96% compared to the year before. In most cases, these...