Why ergonomics is a smart financial investment for HR leaders 

Over one million desk workers developed back pain whilst working from home during the pandemic. Online complaints of ‘wrist pain’ increased by 96% compared to the year before. In most cases, these...

Mitigating risks: How HR can safely navigate AI

Much has been written and said about AI and its potential to revolutionise the way we work. While generative AI has been around for a few years, it came to the forefront in November 2022 when OpenAI...

It’s not where you work that matters now, but how

Where we work may now be less of an issue than it was – but it’s still contentious. So what five areas do we need to urgently address to make this new world of work really deliver?


Resilience – how to futureproof your business

As Covid has shown, we must always be prepared for external shocks. But just how do you ensure that your business is resilient enough to cope when the unexpected strikes?

Updating reward and recognition for a borderless world

As the world of work becomes more dispersed, it’s never been more important for businesses to adapt their people strategy. High on the priority list must be addressing reward and recognition.


Three elements for building a global background screening program 

With many global organisations either growing or dealing with high employee turnover from The Great Resignation, the race to hire top talent is on.

Why finding days to delight really matters

Hybrid working is here to stay. So finding ways to keep your teams together is still vital. And what better way to do that than celebrating with a shared meal?


Connecting in a hybrid environment

Creating connections that last in hybrid working environments is one of HR’s main challenges, argues Guy Lubitsh.


How to boost your employee engagement with just six documents

Corporate documents don’t have to be ‘corporate’. There are easy ways to make them come off the page and really engage.


Why it’s time we all took men’s health seriously

For many reasons men’s health at work is often neglected. It’s time this changed for the better.


Salary structure ranked as number one reward priority, XpertHR survey reveals

Salary benchmarking and grade structures are at the forefront of upcoming organisation reward plans, according to new research from leading online HR resource, XpertHR.


Why is it important for organisations to prioritise L&D as we come out of the pandemic?

Over 12 months, conversations with HR leaders have discussed how we can support the business case for L&D internally