Office culture

Apple staff campaign against return to office

Employees at Apple have launched a campaign to contest CEO Time Cook’s plans to have everyone return to the office at least three days a week.

Hybrid workplaces risk creating a two-tier structure

There is a 50/50 split between UK employees offered full-time hybrid working options (48%) and those who haven't (52%), according to a LinkedIn poll run by HR magazine.

Employers need to change ‘outdated’ office-centric mentalities

Employers with an office-centric mentality must adapt and move away from outdated ways of working, says Alexia Cambon, research director at Gartner HR.

Millions of UK workers never want to return to the office

More than 2.5 million UK employees say they will never feel comfortable going back into the office, according to new research.

Staff working three extra days each month

Almost one in eight (79%) office-based staff work on average 20.4 hours (almost three full working days) beyond their contracted hours each month, sapping their productivity and wellbeing