Workplace transformations are great opportunities but not without risk

New work models are reshaping how organisations approach risk. Done well, sustainable competitive advantage can be achieved.

What to do when the lights are off, but the employees are in

The pressure on gas supplies has sparked fears that there may be a need for scheduled blackouts across the UK when energy usage peaks this winter.

Inflation threatens workplace progress made in pandemic

The UK's uncertain economic future is causing employers to scale back on important parts of workplace culture, reversing progress made during the coronavirus pandemic.

Employers need to have fresh conversations about flexible working practices

Hybrid working is here to stay, but many organisations are still trying to apply old work practices to a new working model. Leaders and their teams need to reimagine their work, considering what is...

Employee experience of hybrid work depends on gender

Workers’ experience of hybrid work may differ depending on gender, according to a poll by educational charity The Female Lead.

Will Rees-Mogg turn back clock on flexible working?

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s appointment as secretary of state has caused consternation on many fronts. Dubious climate credentials aside, his ideas about what makes a good boss mean his appointment has been...

UK employers band together in support of flexible recruitment

Representatives from major UK employers have signed an open letter calling for flexible recruitment – offering flexible working options to candidates – to become the default practice across the...

Financial stability led older workers to leave during pandemic

The majority of workers over 50 who left employment during the second wave of the pandemic were able to do so because of a comfortable financial situation, according to data from the Office for...

Four-day week pilot: success for majority at mid-way point

Businesses halfway through the UK’s first large-scale four-day week trial have reported improved productivity and are likely to continue it once the trial is over.

Improving the workplace through critical thinking

A lot of the problems in business — and in human resources — can be traced back to a single root: bad thinking. Over the course of my career as a consultant, I’ve seen business leaders make abysmal...

Health and safety in extreme weather: the problem hots up

Covid and high energy prices could create more issues in extreme cold, than extreme heat.

Outsourcing HR functions eases burden on overworked teams

Outsourcing HR functions is one way for businesses to manage high intensity workloads, as property developer St. Modwen found.