London ranked UK’s top city for nepotism for jobs

A poll of 2,000 working-age adults found London is the UK’s top city for nepotism, with half of respondents saying connections gave them a job compared with 42% of British workers overall.

Why ‘agility bubbles’ will be the new management trend for 2023

Inviting a team of employees into a protected space, where they are given permission to do things differently than the rest of the organisation, is what we refer to as an ‘agility bubble’.

Generational differences at work: why are we promoting incorrect stereotypes?

Many organisations and individuals believe that there are significant and lasting differences between generations. This goes for people at work too. We often hear questions such as ‘we are working...

Gen X leadership reflects liberal ideals and breadth of experience

Written off as disaffected and cynical in its youth, Generation X has long since proven its worth in business. But as Gen Xers take over the c-suite, how should HR make the best of a new generation of...

Wellbeing and sustainability challenges need to be tackled together

The interlink between climate change, people’s health and the health of the planet are increasingly being recognised, with the World Health Organisation (WHO) commenting that climate change is the...

Revamped data rules will cut admin and drive innovation

Legislation to refine the UK’s data protection regulations may be an evolution rather than a revolution, but it is being welcomed by the industry. The changes are expected to reduce the bureaucracy...

Are we returning to pre-pandemic ways of working?

A new report claims the increase of workplace stress is due to shifting back to pre-pandemic ways of working.

Preparing to go public: tips for navigating the winding road to listing

Working for a business that is ambitious and fast-growing is an exciting employee proposition. Being on the IPO track signals the potential for greater investment and scalability, market profile and...

Hot topic: HR’s role when an employee faces scrutiny on social media, part two

Social media has given people unprecedented power to campaign against whatever they disagree with.

CBI sexual misconduct scandal comes as no surprise to HR professionals

Employment professionals have said widespread sexual misconduct claims against the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) are unsurprising despite the increased number of diversity policies in UK...

Asda introduces salary flexibility policy to help cost of living concerns

Asda’s new financial wellbeing policies will allow employees to access part of their wages early and monitor their earnings throughout the month.

How should employers deal with the sharing of employees' private images?

Employers have a legal duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees, so far as is reasonable practicable.