Relocating your employees? Don’t compromise on sustainability

Sustainability has soared to the top of the business agenda across the globe.

Fostering employee motivation and retention during rapid growth

Motivating and retaining employees during a business’s rapid growth trajectory is crucial for success.

Manager loses dismissal case over laddish 'Nerf gun war' culture

A senior IT professional who took her employer to tribunal for sexual discrimination has lost her case.

McDonald's sexual harassment alleged by staff

More than 100 UK McDonald's staff have alleged working in a toxic culture of sexual assault, harassment, racism and bullying according to a new investigation by the BBC.

Closing the gender pay gap will empower women and deliver economic growth

If we want to be a high-growth country, we might start by tackling a problem which is as old as capitalism itself: the gender pay gap.

Neurodiversity in the workplace: why office life isn’t for everyone

When chancellor Jeremy Hunt commented earlier this year on the world of work post-Covid, he spoke about a default return to the office in order to encourage water cooler moments, develop team spirit...

Daniel Gallo – Keeping McLaren in pole position for Formula 1 and beyond

The Formula 1 leader board may be dominated by rivals, but McLaren Racing is accelerating up the employer standings, thanks to people lead Daniel Gallo, says Jo Gallacher

A mindful approach to refugee recruitment

It’s Refugee Week. A week that celebrates the contributions, creativity, and resilience of people from refugee backgrounds.

Best of HR books: June 2023

We delve into new book releases to find out what HR has been reading.

Better people experience design will improve your organisation's performance

People experience (PX) and people engagement are often used interchangeably but they are not the same thing and understanding the difference is very important for people leaders when deciding where to...

Three ways to fight for gender equality in an economic crisis

Amid soaring energy prices, high inflation and weakened consumer demand, speakers at the FT Women in Business Summit Europe on Tuesday (13 June) discussed how to empower resilient female leaders. 

Parliament misconduct calls for professional HR system

UK parliament needs a professional HR system to deal with misconduct allegations fairly and equally, according to former senior party whips.