Shakil Butt

Ramadan – why Muslims fast and simple ways to support them at work

Employment law

The month of Ramadan has begun and presents an ideal opportunity to engage with your Muslim employees and colleagues. Ramadan can appear strange if you are not familiar with this particular pillar of...


Why the far right 'protests' this weekend were far from our finest hour

The scenes of the weekend were ugly with ‘protestors’ gathering in central London to supposedly defend Churchill’s statue from the planned Black Lives Matter protests.


How HR can help Muslims during an unusual Ramadan

Ramadan has always been a communal event, impacting approximately 1.8 billion Muslims globally. During the coronavirus pandemic, it is therefore going to be a very different experience.


The NHS is doing an amazing job but is it at risk of being white-washed?

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HR's stance on office romance

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The good, the bad and the indifferent

Are continuous performance conversations actually better than performance reviews? Comparing performance under the two approaches is not a like-for-like exercise


Racial and ethnic prejudice is holding us back

There are many talented people out there in BAME communities looking for work but being overlooked


It may be time to ditch hierarchies

We view careers as opportunities to progress through top-down hierarchies. But do hierarchies actually work?


We must tackle entrenched sexist mindsets

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