Cary Cooper

People vs technology: managing technological change

One of the greatest HR challenges in the workplace over the next decade will be the relationship between people and technology. Einstein gloomily wrote at the start of the 20th-century technological...


Employers sometimes risk their people when apologising

Nobody can make the right decision 100% of the time and no leader should commit their people to that – no matter how sorry they are for a previous failure


Post-Autumn Statement, we need to drive up productivity

Making Britain more successful means driving productivity through better people practices


Why are productive economies experiencing burnout?

Although Germany is very employee-focused, workers are now experiencing high levels of stress and burnout


UK Plc has a long way to go in creating a wellbeing culture

While employers understand the importance of talent, UK plc still has a while to go in becoming a wellbeing culture


Cary Cooper: What I want to see from HR

I'd like to see a more confident and buoyant HR profession that pushes for board-level HR


How volunteering creates a win-win-win situation

Volunteering can benefit individuals, businesses and society. But there’s no such thing as a selfless act, right?


Cary Cooper: workaholic culture will not solve productivity issues

Creating a workaholic culture is not the answer to our productivity problem, or good for our mental health


The impact of organisational change

How does a structure free of bosses and traditional hierarchy actually work?


Sustainable banking: Sense of purpose for psychological wellbeing is key

Research finds purpose is critical for engagement in the banking sector


Cary Cooper: Creating a vision employees connect with

What is it that engages us? It’s a question that sits at the heart of any modern HR department.


Cary Cooper: There are two sides to flexibility

New underemployment figures hint at the polarising effects of flexibility without balance.