Roadmap out of lockdown: what HR can expect

It is over a year since the pandemic began and businesses are still looking to their people professionals for direction. However, this time it’s to steer them into whatever the ‘next normal’ phase of...

Fighting for talent in a competitive job market: your HR Lunchtime Debate questions answered

On 29 July HR magazine hosted a webinar on how the new realities of remote and hybrid work and changing workplace culture has added complexity to the recruitment process, in partnership with...

Watch on demand: what talent wants post-pandemic

Panellists at yesterday's (29 July) HR Lunchtime Debate discussed how they are competing to attract and retain the best talent in a turbulent job market.

Financial wellbeing: why it's time for HR to talk money

At the start of last year, a pandemic was probably the last thing on the minds of even the most risk-minded businesses across the globe. Now, well into the second year of the crisis, employers are...

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How can HR become more data-driven?

HR and people leaders have had to be adaptable, flexible and resilient in the face of some of the most extreme challenges in living memory.

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Fighting for talent in a competitive job market

Panellists for HR magazine's upcoming Lunchtime Debate, fighting for talent in a competitive job market, have been announced.

Fighting for talent in a competitive job market: New HR Lunchtime Debate

Don’t miss our webinar on how organisations should navigate the competitive post-pandemic job market, in partnership with Eightfold on Tuesday 29 July.


How can HR prepare businesses for change?

Post lockdown the world of work has the potential to change forever – and for the better. But to make it happen, HR needs to be bold and provide organisations with the right foresight.

Emma Leonis, LACE Partners, joins HR Lunchtime Debate on building trust

Emma Leonis, executive director for HR transformation at LACE Partners, has joined HR magazine's upcoming Lunchtime Debate: Laying the foundation for a workplace that works for all.

How can HR improve its payroll for good?

A business couldn’t survive without a payroll system, yet for many HR leaders, it can be complicated to pick the right system for their organisation.

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Salary structure ranked as number one reward priority, XpertHR survey reveals

Salary benchmarking and grade structures are at the forefront of upcoming organisation reward plans, according to new research from leading online HR resource, XpertHR.

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Speakers added to new webinar: Laying the foundation for a workplace that works for all

Carol Frost, chief people officer at Metro Bank and Jo North, head of HR, people and engagement at giffgaff have joined the HR's magazine's upcoming Lunchtime Debate.