Fighting for talent in a competitive job market: New HR Lunchtime Debate

Don’t miss our webinar on how organisations should navigate the competitive post-pandemic job market, in partnership with Eightfold on Tuesday 29 July.

A huge wave of change is hitting the talent market. Where job security was once a grave concern, now organisations are feeling more confident and are beginning to hire at a rapid pace.

The new realities of remote and hybrid work, and commitment to diversity, create an added complexity for organisations looking to recruit and retain talent.

HR must therefore prepare itself for a competitive hiring market and a potential talent exodus. If they don’t, they risk top talent leaving the organisation for bigger and better things.

The latest HR Lunchtime Debate, in partnership with Eightfold, will explore:

  • The threats to talent management and recruitment
  • Using technology to bolster hiring strategies
  • Implementing D&I principles throughout the recruitment and retention process
  • What potential candidates are looking for in a new role

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