Phillip Schofield scandal: HR's legal duty in nepotism

The news surrounding ITV and the departure of Phillip Schofield has sparked rumours of nepotism within the broadcast media giant - what are the drawbacks and legalities of it?

CIPD Festival of Work 2023: what you missed on day two

The CIPD 2023 Festival of Work returned to Olympia London on 8 June. Here are some of the highlights and what you may have missed from day two of the event.

Why we need to ditch the job description

Throughout my career, I’ve written, reviewed, edited, and formally evaluated hundreds of job descriptions and role profiles. And do you know what? I don’t think I’ve ever met a job description that I...

How to get the most out of your recruitment agency

HR teams and recruiters have always gone hand in hand. Like Ant and Dec, Torvill and Dean, or Laurel and Hardy, it’s hard to imagine one without the other. That’s because, together, they deliver a...

The art of inclusive interviewing

The D&I Clinic is a space for HR professionals to anonymously air their challenging D&I questions. Our guest expert Yvonne Smyth discusses ways to make interviews more inclusive.

The UK’s first AI employee is now for hire

Avery Ingram (AI), reportedly the UK's first AI employee and the world's first AI software developer, is now available for hire.

Canva case study: designing an international culture

Graphic design company Canva discusses how to nurture a varied international culture as it expands into Europe.

Employers worried about candidates with criminal records reoffending

Employers are anxious that hiring candidates with criminal records could re-offend, according to a Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) survey.

Non-compete clauses will have three-month limit in the UK

Non-compete clauses in UK employment contracts will be subject to a statutory limit of three months under new government plans.

Five lessons on building an internal talent pipeline

The UK’s labour shortage is a riddle that employers have been trying to solve since before the pandemic. But was the answer right in front of them all along?

UK's most unusual job vacancies revealed

The UK has a hidden range of jobs employers cannot recruit for due to a lack of skills, including wigmaker, canine beautician and knitter.

HR’s fears over use of AI in hiring mount

How concerned should HR be about AI apps such as ChatGPT and its competitors? And should they adapt their policies accordingly?