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Shift work | Short notice on shifts leaves employees in the lurch

Almost two-fifths (37%) of UK workers are given their hours with less than a week’s notice, having a negative impacting on their work/life balance.

Online recruitment | Relearning hiring and onboarding skills for virtual recruitment

The ability to build strong relationships forms the backbone of any good recruitment service. Having the opportunity to meet candidates face-to-face is crucial as it helps form a detailed view of...

Recognition | Remote employees feel they lack recognition

A fifth (20%) of UK workers feel they get less recognition for the work they do since they started working remotely.

Workers' rights | What a good relationship between HR and unions looks like

The relationship between unions and the internal HR team can be tense - so how can you make sure it works in employee's best interests? David Liddle offers some tips.

Sexism | HR not doing enough to combat sexist behaviour in the workplace

HR teams are not taking enough preventive measures to stop cases of sexism and sexual harassment taking place in the workplace.

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CIPD | New guidance to help HR with Race at Work Charter released

The CIPD and Business in the Community (BITC) have issued new guidance to help employers meet the Race at Work Charter.

Culture | Employees quitting jobs in record numbers due to toxic workplaces


Almost a third (27%) of UK employees quit their job in the past year due to toxic workplace culture, according to HR software provider Breathe’s Culture Economy 2021 report.

Safety | How HR can keep women safe after work

Diversity & inclusion

The issue of women’s safety in public places has been pushed into focus after the tragic death of Sarah Everard in London last month, and now businesses are pledging their support to make female...

Leadership | HR’s role in employee activism


“You can raise visibility… [but] you’re still going to get fired”. This was the conclusion of an employee activist we interviewed. Could this person be at your organisation?

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Diversity | Coronavirus widens gap between black and white youth employment

Young black people are now three times more likely to be unemployed than young white people since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Belonging | HR Lunchtime Debate adds new panellist

With under a week to go, Joanne Conway, deputy head of diversity and inclusion at EY UK&I, will join HR magazine's latest Lunchtime Debate on how to promote a sense of belonging in the workplace.

Technology | Why aren’t you getting the best out of your engagement platform?

We think we’re getting better at employee engagement, but we’re not really. Perhaps your organisation has closely watched the trends over the years and you’ve ditched your annual survey for regular...


Recruitment | Jobseekers could lose dream job due to untidy rooms

Almost a third (28%) of interviewers have admitted to not hiring someone based on what they see in the background of the candidate’s video call.

D&I | Disability needs to be higher on the D&I agenda

HR has a unique opportunity post-pandemic to drive the importance of disability inclusion in the workplace, says Business Disability Forum's CEO, Diane Lightfoot.

COVID-19 | Workers on rotation profoundly impacted by pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant negative impact on the mental health of workers on rotation as 40% said they have experienced suicidal thoughts in the past year.

Faith | Ramadan – why Muslims fast and simple ways to support them at work

The month of Ramadan has begun and presents an ideal opportunity to engage with your Muslim employees and colleagues. Ramadan can appear strange if you are not familiar with this particular pillar of...