Workers' rights

Labour's first 100 days: What HR wants from employment law

The Labour Party has pledged to introduce its 'new deal for working people' within its first 100 days in government. The party’s election manifesto stated that current employment law was “not fit for...

Who is on strike in July and August 2024?

Find out who is striking, why, and what services will be affected in our July and August roundup.

Key election pledges: What HR needs to know (part two)

In the run up to the general election on Thursday (4 July), we look at the key policy pledges that would impact HR. Today, we focus on apprenticeships, skills, pensions and benefits.

Brewdog fires Asian employee who swore after finding EDL in bar

Representatives of the hospitality business Brewdog fired an Asian employee who expressed concern when she found members of the English Defence League (EDL) meeting in the bar she worked in, the...

Key election pledges: What HR needs to know

Ahead of this Thursday's general election (4 July), we're looking at the key policy pledges that would impact HR. Today, we focus on employment rights, immigration and tax.

A million of UK’s lowest earners miss out on sick pay

A million (1.15 million) workers – 3.5% of the UK workforce – are not eligible for statutory sick pay (SSP) as they do not meet the earnings threshold of £123 per week, a report from think tank The...

Drivers sue Amazon and subcontractor for wage deductions

A group of drivers have brought legal action against Amazon and one of its subcontractors, a logistics firm called One Motion. The drivers claim that they have not been paid in full for work they were...

Blind baker wins discrimination tribunal

Bosses at a bakery in Wrexham did not do enough to make reasonable adjustments for a man registered as blind before dismissing him during his probation period, a tribunal ruled.

Reform UK’s manifesto: What HR needs to know 

The Reform UK party has released its manifesto – which it calls a "contract" – ahead of the general election. It focuses on immigration, tax, employment rights, DEI and small-to-medium enterprises...

Insecure work reaches all-time high

The number of people in insecure work in the UK has reached an all-time high of 4.1 million, or one in eight people, analysis by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has revealed (14 June). 

Green Party’s manifesto: What HR needs to know

The Green Party has released its manifesto, ahead of next month’s general election, focusing on environmental commitments, union support and wage changes.

Conservatives' manifesto: What HR needs to know

The Conservatives have announced their manifesto ahead of the general election (4 July). It highlighted childcare, skills, national insurance, pensions and welfare.