"Banter" slurs against salespeople was racial harassment, tribunal rules

Sales advisers were racially harassed, a tribunal has ruled, after a manager used racial slurs against them and another manager excused the behaviour as "banter".

SNP manifesto: What HR needs to know

The Scottish National Party (SNP) released its manifesto yesterday (19 June 2024) ahead of the UK general election on 4 July. The SNP manifesto highlights workers’ rights, tax and immigration.

Office sex witness was unfairly dismissed, tribunal finds

A medic at Bromley ambulance station who reported that she had walked in on one of her female colleagues performing a sex act on a male manager was unfairly dismissed, a tribunal has ruled.

Blind baker wins discrimination tribunal

Bosses at a bakery in Wrexham did not do enough to make reasonable adjustments for a man registered as blind before dismissing him during his probation period, a tribunal ruled.

Reform UK’s manifesto: What HR needs to know 

The Reform UK party has released its manifesto – which it calls a "contract" – ahead of the general election. It focuses on immigration, tax, employment rights, DEI and small-to-medium enterprises...

Insecure work reaches all-time high

The number of people in insecure work in the UK has reached an all-time high of 4.1 million, or one in eight people, analysis by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has revealed (14 June). 

Labour's manifesto: What HR needs to know

The Labour Party has released its manifesto, ahead of next month’s general election, focusing on extending workers’ rights, immigration and getting people into work.

Green Party’s manifesto: What HR needs to know

The Green Party has released its manifesto, ahead of next month’s general election, focusing on environmental commitments, union support and wage changes.

Conservatives' manifesto: What HR needs to know

The Conservatives have announced their manifesto ahead of the general election (4 July). It highlighted childcare, skills, national insurance, pensions and welfare.

Adrian Chiles returns to tribunal over £1.7m IR35 case

TV presenter Adrian Chiles will head back to tribunal to face HMRC over £1.7 million in tax claims, after an appeal found that the first-tier tribunal (FTT) had misinterpreted the law.

How AI can enhance HR compliance

To implement AI effectively, organisations need to carefully plan where it fits into existing processes or the creation of new ones while staying within the parameters of the law and addressing...

How HR can prevent conflict at work

People who experience conflict in the workplace have lower job satisfaction and are more likely to experience poorer mental and physical health, according to a study from the CIPD.