Non-binary representation boosted by targets

Non-binary employees are better represented in the workplace when backed by an organisation which sets goals specifically to help them.

This month software company Salesforce set a target of employing 40% female and non-binary employees by 2026.

To do so, it will be introducing gender inclusive and reproductive benefits, and making commitments to equal pay and flexible working.

Talent management platform Beamery has also set a similar target, pledging to increase representation of women, non-binary people, and people of color in leadership.

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Xavier Langlois, chief legal and impact officer at Beamery, said that setting specific goals helps raise awareness for underrepresented groups.

Speaking to HR magazine, he said: “We believe that any initiatives focused on improving inclusivity should be encouraged. Setting goals and targets raises visibility, encourages more people to talk about it and allows businesses to be intentional around their recruiting practices. 

"Measuring against a threshold and setting specific goals can help companies identify where changes are needed and then be proactive in ensuring progress is made. Overall, these initiatives provide an opportunity to build socially conscious businesses for the long-term that are impact driven and have a more holistic take on DE&I."

Large companies taking initiative, he added, can also serve as role models.

Langlois said: "When a company such as Salesforce shows its commitment to change, it reinforces the importance of the subject and brings it to the attention of a much wider audience."

Robbie de Santos, director of communications and external affairs at Stonewall, said companies should match their external efforts with support for its existing staff.

de Santos told HR magazine: "It’s wonderful when organisations make efforts to create workplaces that better reflects the society we live in, and initiatives like this are a step in the right direction.

"Alongside external recruitment efforts, it’s also vital that businesses match this with internal support to help all their employees to thrive as themselves, and it's fantastic to see Salesforce recognise this in their announcement."