Non binary

Why your company needs a gender expression policy

Do you have a gender expression policy? Few companies do, but it’s one of the most powerful things you can do to demonstrate support for employees who plan to formally transition gender, or for those...

D&I Clinic: Stuck in neutral?

Q. We’re concerned about using gender neutral as a term – isn’t a sense of individuality essential to creating a culture of belonging?

Yorkshire Building Society introduces inclusive work uniforms

Yorkshire Building Society has introduced inclusive uniform options suitable for a variety of different gender identities.

Non-binary representation boosted by targets

Non-binary employees are better represented in the workplace when backed by an organisation which sets goals specifically to help them.

Getting the support you need when coming out as non-binary at work

Many of us went through a journey of self-discovery during the pandemic, and for me it was no different. It took the months of introspection brought on by lockdown to reach a place where I realised I...

Using correct pronouns leads to a more inclusive workplace, HR urged

HR teams have an important role to play to make sure that trans and non-binary staff are not discriminated against and that they feel comfortable at their place of work.