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Laying the foundation for a workplace that works for all: new HR Lunchtime Debate

Don’t miss our webinar on creating a human-centric workplace, in parternship with CultureAmp on Tuesday 29 June.

We know that the workplace has changed drastically due to the pandemic, but what this change looks like will be dependent on what decisions HR leaders make over the coming months.

HR has a real opportunity to push forward a people-first approach with trust as a key component, but only if it feels empowered to make bold decisions and create guidance for the rest of the c-suite to follow.

This webinar will discuss:

  • Leading with uncertainty
  • What human-centric looks like and how to develop trust in an organisation
  • Developing personal and organisational resilience
  • Soft skills needed to create human-centric workplaces

It will be chaired by HR magazine editor Jo Gallacher and a panel of HR experts who will be revealed over the coming weeks.

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