Employee engagement

How to drive successful change

Anyone trying to keep up a New Year’s resolution knows changing things isn’t easy. The same applies in business, but the rewards are well worth the huge effort needed to make change happen

Most businesses are suffering from Long Covid

Organisations are trying to put Covid-19 in the rear-view mirror, but the aftereffects of such a turbulent business period – lack of clarity, fatigue over change, anxiety about redundancy – are still...

Does the future depend on re-learning how to lead?

When only 10% of UK employees thrive in the workplace, does this mean leaders are failing in their duty to lead? Or is it time to re-evaluate what leadership is all about?

Does your organisation need dedicated health and wellbeing roles?

As workplaces expand the scope of their health and wellbeing strategies there has been a rise in roles dedicated to taking care of specific aspects of them, including as fertility officers and mental...

Best of HR books: June 2023

We delve into new book releases to find out what HR has been reading.

How employers can support employees at different levels of engagement

According to Reward Gateway’s latest research, 24% of UK employees are no longer going above and beyond their specific responsibilities or schedule.

How engagement between employers and employees has changed

Covid-19 meant that many employers had to change how they operated. Indeed, many employers are still grappling with agile working and, in particular, getting colleagues back into the office. But this...

Six ways to engage employees to help drive their development

Directly linked to motivation and retention, employee development tools can empower employees to take charge of their own training and supercharge their performance. But first, they need to engage...

Reimaging the future: life and lessons post pandemic

If the pandemic has done anything, it has given us the opportunity to think differently and start again. But how can you encourage this momentum?

Three ways to make sure your employees are engaged with their employee development tool

How can you ensure your people are engaged with their employee development tool?

How to make sure your employees are engaged in their employee development tool

HR magazine is bringing together another expert panel for its latest HR Lunchtime Debate, this time to explore how HR can ensure its people are engaged with their employee development tool.

Meta accused of spin over hot-desking announcement

Technology company Meta's decision to switch employees to a hot-desking policy has highlighted the need for companies to be transparent with their employees.