High earners and Londoners most likely to work from home

The number of Londoners working fully or partially from home far exceeds the national average, according to official figures.

Flexible work gives working parents confidence to progress

Working parents’ confidence in their ability to progress has grown thanks to the spread of flexible work, according to new research.

Employee side hustles: what are the risks for employers?

An increasing number of employees are engaging in 'side hustles' as part of a portfolio career, a trend driven by the cost of living crisis, and a desire – perhaps triggered during the Covid-19...

Pandemic changed managers' mind on part-time workers

Managers are more open to the benefits of part-time workers after trialling bringing furloughed workers back part-time during the pandemic.

UK women call for flexibility due to fear of commuting in the dark

A majority (88%) of women have said companies should offer better flexible working options so they can commute in daylight during the winter, according to a new survey by Remote.

Gender diversity leaps at Zurich after all vacancies made part-time

Zurich UK has seen a fivefold increase in the number of female part-time hires since it started offering all roles on a part-time or flexible basis in 2019.

Shift workers rate best and worst UK employers for 2023

NATS, formerly the National Air Traffic Service, defence contractor BAE Systems and consumer goods company Unilever have been ranked as the top three employers for shift workers in the UK.

New year's resolutions for HR in 2023

What a year it has been. It’s incredible to think that January last year we were breathing a small sigh of relief that the Covid Omicron variant had probably peaked in the UK, and after a massive push...

12 months of 2022: December

As we reach the end of the year, our 12 Days of Christmas countdown revisits each month's most notable happenings.

UK workers given day-one flexible working rights

Millions of UK employees will be able to request flexible working from their first day of employment, as per new measures introduced by the government.

Employers warned to mind the gender gap in hybrid work

Hybrid work has had a positive impact on the workforce, yet its sustainability will be down to employers’ awareness of the risks it brings.

Ford bolsters job shares with matchmaking app

Ford Motor Company has launched a matchmaking tool to help employees find potential partners for job shares.