Two thirds of neurodivergent employees ‘mask’ their condition

Neurodivergent staff are at risk of falling off HR’s radar, according to new research, as a majority hide their condition from colleagues, and many feel unable to ask for adjustments at work.

HR trust in AI hiring improves

Around two thirds (66%) of HR leaders hold a more positive attitude towards AI in the workplace compared with a year ago, survey results published yesterday (11 July) have revealed.

What’s new on #WorkTok?

Just as the world of work has constantly evolved, so too has the world of #WorkTok. The app now features hashtags including #ActYourWage, #BareMinimumMondays, #RageApplying and #JobShiftShock.

UK firms' recruitment strategies fail to diversify workforce

Two thirds (67%) of chief HR officers (CHROs) and chief people officers (CPOs) claimed that they thought their recruitment strategy worked well. But leaders also felt that they were falling behind on...

Dismissed for calling homosexuality "sinful," social worker vows to appeal

A Christian social worker, Felix Ngole, has vowed to appeal a tribunal’s decision that he was not discriminated against when he had his job offer retracted. The retraction came after Ngole's employer...

Poor communication in recruitment biggest 'red flag' for candidates

Over half (57%) of employees said a lack of communication was the biggest red flag that gave them a negative impression of an employer during the hiring process, a survey by HR software provider HiBob...

Minister accused of 'cronyism' after hiring associate

A Conservative health minister was accused of cronyism after he overlooked civil servants’ concerns that hiring an associate presented a conflict of interest, the Guardian reported (24 June).

Chief constable who lied about naval career dismissed for gross misconduct

A chief constable of Northamptonshire Police who lied and exaggerated his naval rank, length of service and achievements has been dismissed for gross misconduct.

Why social mobility should be high on HR’s agenda

It's time to make social mobility an essential part of any company’s agenda.

Has tech taken the soul out of recruiting?

Recruiters and candidates are increasingly using technology to manage the high volume of available roles. How is this impacting the recruiting experience? Tim Stone investigates.

Pay offers soar as workers prioritise job safety

Pay growth continued to rise while unemployment increased, the latest labour market data from the Office for National Statistics showed (11 June).

Employers trying and failing to hire Gen Z

Nearly half of UK managers (45%) indicated that they intend to hire workers aged 25 and under from July to September of this year, a survey by recruitment firm ManpowerGroup has found (11 June).