Working with Cancer: a guidebook for HR

A cancer diagnosis, either personally or of a loved one, is likely to affect every single one of us at some point in our lifetimes, yet the subject remains a taboo in the workplace.

Though more people than ever are living with, and able to survive cancer, many misconceptions about the disease still thrive at work.

For HR leaders managing diagnoses in the workplace, whether of employees or those with affected families, it can be an incredibly challenging time.

With this guide HR magazine, in partnership with Rutherford Direct, provides a framework to help people teams handle cancer, and other long-term illnesses, in the workplace.

It will take in every aspect of the support HR can provide:

  • How benefits can help prepare for such instances
  • Handling the most sensitive conversations
  • Cultivating a caring culture in your business
  • The support HR needs to ensure their wellbeing too

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