Employees more tolerant about religion than general public

Employees are more likely to show tolerance and understanding of religious beliefs than the general population, according to new research.

Employers think graduates are unprepared for the workplace

?Businesses feel that nearly a fifth (17%) of graduates are not ready for the workplace, according to research from qualification body Pearson

Apprenticeship levy failing to deliver entry-level routes

While a fall in low-quality apprenticeships should be welcomed, the levy could be missing the mark on its aim to provide a career path for young people

Matthieu Ricard: Altruism a business necessity not luxury

Altruism is the key not just to world peace but also economic success, according to French writer and Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard

More funding and awareness needed on T-Levels

T-levels need greater funding and promotion to be a success, according to the Resolution Foundation